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From humble beginnings in May of 1987, At The Beach first opened its doors with four tanning units in south Oklahoma City. Over the next few years, sales continued to grow and the store posted yearly gains. By 1995, the south Oklahoma City location had grown from four to 22 tanning units. At The Beach was now a superstore and the response was overwhelming. Projected sales and profits for the following year proved there was a need for more superstore locations. In August 1995, At The Beach expanded by adding a location in northwest Oklahoma. 

By 2001, At The Beach had grown from one superstore location to five. In keeping with the superstore concept, At The Beach established its five stores in class A shopping strip centers in order to create a public interest for those who normally wouldn't patronize a business offering tanning services. These five locations also offered easy access, as well as extended hours of operation seven days a week. Each store's interior was designed with bright and vibrant colors, creating an identity readily recognizable as At The Beach. Best of all, each store offered more than 20 units with five levels of equipment for customers to choose from. Multiple locations, along with numerous amenities and services, had earned At The Beach the right to proclaim itself a tanning "superstore." 

In the same year, At The Beach added UV-free spray-on tanning units to all its locations. Now, more than ever, Oklahomans who desired a tan without exposing themselves to UV rays could achieve a dark tan. By adding these units, At The Beach tapped into an entirely new segment of customers who normally wouldn't have considered tanning indoors. 

In 2002, At The Beach expanded its operations beyond Oklahoma City with two locations in Tulsa, Oklahoma, one located at 61st and Memorial and the other at 91st and Yale. Because Tulsa's indoor tanning industry was fragmented with small operators who controlled the market, At The Beach's superstore concept enjoyed tremendous success and posted record sales in its first year of operation. Before opening, At The Beach expanded its services in this market by offering Just Ladies Fitness, a ladies-only fitness club for customers who wouldn't normally join a gym. By 2005, At The Beach had opened six tanning superstores, five of these locations offering women's fitness, in the Tulsa metro area. 

2006 was the breakout year for the Oklahoma tanning company. At The Beach finally moved beyond the borders of Oklahoma by opening stores in both Wichita, Kansas and Denver, Colorado. The company's owner decided it was time to set the bar even higher. After sizing up the Denver market, the owner decided in February of 2006 that Denver had great prospects and purchased two failing stores in the Denver metro. Within one month, both were profitable. 

2006 and 2007 were a whirlwind for At The Beach. The company expanded by 16 stores, four in Wichita, 11 in the Denver metro, and one in the Oklahoma City metro. At The Beach had experienced a 40% annual growth in the past four years and expected to continue growing despite a slowing economy. 

Today, At The Beach is expanding rapidly in five markets and has 66 existing stores. At The Beach plans to expand regionally over the next few years. This stable but rapid growth will enable At The Beach to reach its goal of becoming the most recognized name in the tanning industry.